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  • cotton

  • Japanese Brand Hita Geta

  • That's made raising center a little for living an arch of feet.

  • Since hard sponge sticks is on the bottom, the impact during walking is eased. Also it's difficult to slip and to get tired.

  • Hita Geta is very highly regarded.

  • It has feature not only health, but also fitting. Moreover, it is stylish as you feel.

  • To the person who is spited by the foot. Athlete's foot, swelling, languor, tiredness, coldness, etc... Though it's at the farthest place from the brain and the heart, it'll be that you are disturbed by the problem of your foot. It says the cause is waking by shoes. It tights up your foot and causes the "forward-bent posture", and you walk kicking by tip of the toe spontaneously. On the other hand, Japanese wooden clogs, Geta keep you the right posture so that you may walk. Therefore the landed impact becomes soft. When putting it on every day, a balance will be improved. An arch of foot is formed that it takes the weight for the whole sole. The air permeability is also good without fastening, so it also becomes difficult to become the hallux valgus and to prevent athlete's foot. More clog thongs irritate a finger, make the blood circulation better and make a brain activate. It'll be also dementia disease prevention. The stomach and intestines are also improved by a stimulus to an arch. Moreover the bottom of Hita Getas are covered by the bottom reinforcement styrene foam or rubber so that the "walking sound" doesn't occur, so the envoy is no problem daily, too. Anyway walk every day on the Geta! Since the foot is called "the second heart", it is the healthy secret of a body if the foot is healthy. By walking on Geta every day. * Athlete's foot, swelling, languor, tiredness, coldness, etc, might be resoed. * The posture of walking might become to be improved. * An arch will be formed. * The hallux valgus also will be improved gradually. * elimination of irritation * It will disappear that you get up in the midnight by languor of the calf There are no immediate effects, but anyway believe it and walk.